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Skin Care Routine down below

Every time you hear someone speak about a skin care routine, you automatically think about for your face right?! Well, you aren’t wrong in that thought but let us challenge you to take it a step further and let’s talk skin care routine for your “V”! Yes ya girl, your kitty, your pocket book, cooch, puss, Vag, Vagina, or any other name you use to describe your vaginal skin. And yes even if you have sensitive skin you should still use more than just water. And let’s be honest this is something most of us just aren’t taught growing up. But think about it, that skin there is usually covered up and trapped in your underwear day end and day out only to be able to breathe when you go to the rest room 🥴 and shower. Let’s do her some justice and take real good care of her starting with a good skin care routine just for her.

CLEANSE the skin with a non toxic cleanser or soap specifically for you down there. This step is very important because it allows you to get rid of any dirt and oil on the skin that may clog your pores and/or throw your ph off. This step should be done daily at least. To do this you can use a wash cloth, your hand, or a bar directly on your skin. This is for external use only please do not insert or push product inside of you as you may cause unnecessary irritation 
* Our suggestion would be Intimate Cleansing Bar from Body Party Studios

EXFOLIATE the skin. Ok so this has been so controversial as to how this should be done and how often. Exfoliating is such a big deal especially down below if you do any type of hair removal. Exfoliating allows you to remove dead skin cells that get stuck and aid in clogging your pores. It should be done a couple times a week if you are using a scrub and can be done daily if using an exfoliating towel. However if you use both, use the towel or cloth daily and scrub weekly. Also, I want to say is DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT over exfoliate!! 

* Our suggestion would be the Pretty Kitty Club Exfoliating cloth and the Intimate Skin Exfoliator AKA the Pretty Kitty Scrub by Body Party Studios

MASQUE the Kitty! When you think of masks you most definitely do not think about down there. But masques or masks are excellent if you have dark marks from ingrown hairs and/or razor burn, and uneven complexion. There is no need to do this step too often, when you first start you may want to use a mask weekly until you reach your desired results and then once or twice a month going forward. 
* Our suggestion would be The Pretty Kitty Club Masque by Body Party Studios

MOISTURIZE this skin should be moisturized to keep the skin soft and supple as well as an extra step to help eliminate the hairs from being too hard around the follicles. It’s a good idea to moisturize every time your wash the skin. Please be sure to use products And oils that won’t Clog your pores.

* Our suggestion would be the ingrown hair  inhibitor serum by Body Party Studios

TREAT, yes some time you may have some problem areas down there that need extra attention, such as ingrown hairs and histamine reactions. Serums are a great way to help with this. 
*Our suggestion would be the Ingrown Hair Inhibitor Serum by Body Party Studios

Hair Removal yes of course we are going to touch on this and shaving not using things like Nair or Veet are NOT the way to go, there are wayyyy better things out there that are better for your skin. Such as waxing (our preference is absolutely Hard Wax but others are fine too), Sugaring, and laser. These techniques don’t require you to have them done as frequently as shaving which could have you slaving away daily or a couple times a week.

Now that you know what your skin care routine below should consist of go get started with the proper products, “She” deserves it. How many of these were you already doing?