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The Party For Your Body

  • Self-Care Awareness Month: Prioritize You

    Join the Body Party Wax and Beauty Studios team for during the month of September as we celebrate self-care. Starting here as we delve into the art of self-care and explore why it's essential to prioritize your well-being.
  • Thirty One Confessions of self love

    Affirmations are common in self development however I believe that affirmations speak to what you wish to be true so to add power to my words I have confessions! Words that I know to be true even if they don’t appear to be true yet! Here are 31 confessions to speak more love over, about, and into your life.
  • What's the Charge?

    What's the charge; the discharge that is!?  Having a discharge is a very normal thing if you have a vagina; a normal and healthy discharge is typic...
  • What the SMELL

    Sniff sniff, hmmm is that me? Am I ok? Is this normal?? Heyyy girl, we have all had that random whiff of a smell that came from down below. More t...
  • Skin Care Routine down below

    Do you know what should be included in your Skin Care Routine for your Kitty? Check this out to see what you should be doing.