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Thirty One Confessions of self love

Affirmations are common in self development however I believe that affirmations speak to what you wish to be true so to add power to my words I have confessions! Words that I know to be true even if they don’t appear to be true yet! Here are 31 confessions to speak more love over, about, and into your life.
1. I am an amazing human being

2. I am beautiful 

3. I love my body, every curve and every imperfection as it is uniquely mine and if I’m displeased I lovingly work towards improvement 

4. I am worthy of all good things

5. I am enough just being me

6. I deserve to live life unlimited and unafraid

7. My skin is beautiful 

8. I have a right to change my mind at any moment and that is ok

9. I love myself

10. I am important to me 

11. I forgive myself 

12. I respect myself and I require respect from others

13. I honor and celebrate myself in the small wins 

14. I am not my mistakes or my sins, God has forgiven me

15. I forgive others even if they have not apologized to me

16. I do not compare myself to anyone for I know that comparison is the thief of joy

17, I love, honor, obey, and fear God as God alone is the source of my life, leading me and guiding me and having a relationship with God is the ultimate self love

18. I do not have to be perfect I just have to do my best

19. What is for me will always find me and I will always put myself in position to be found

20. I am thankful and grateful at all times

21. I am worthy of love

22. I deserve happiness and I do not have to settle 

23. I am whole, healed and complete by myself my companion is whole, healed, and complete by themselves as well

24. I respect when my body tells me what it needs by listening

25. I am worthy of the compliments I receive

26. I allow myself to acknowledge the pain, feel the hurt and actually heal 

27. I am a blessing to those I come in contact with 

28. I am a whole vibe and my life is a whole blessing

29. I do not get caught up in reaching for the goals that I forget to live in the moment

30. I do not need the approval of anyone but my own!!!

31. I love and respect my life and I will live each day as if it’s the most important day

These are 31 truths and confessions that you can take with you on your journey in life and any time you need a pick me up come back to them and encourage yourself and others.

- Tanya S. Kelker 

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