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What the SMELL

Sniff sniff, hmmm is that me? Am I ok? Is this normal??

Heyyy girl, we have all had that random whiff of a smell that came from down below. More than likely the smell is totally normal and you are fine but unfortunately this subject is so taboo, we don't always know for sure what we should smell like and when something is off.  So lets clear the air, ALL vaginas have a smell!!!! There I said it and there is no shame in it. One thing we must all do is be able to recognize and love our unique signature scent or scents. Trust, chances are your partners will love your fragrant, delicious, sweet, musky taste and scent, too. It’s a part of who you are. And actually the smell is for good reason too, our bodies produce bacteria (the good kind) that helps keep us healthy. A healthy vagina is usually at a pH between 3.8 and 4.5 (very acidic). However, the things we do to and put into our bodies highly effect the smell. Think about it, certain foods we eat, the way we cleanse or lack there of for hygiene purposes, our monthly cycles, sex and even sex toys. These variables can change the smells and the strength and your vagina still be very healthy. 



Here are a few smell variations that are healthy

  • Sweaty, musty or outdoorsy- caused by sweat from your sweat glands along your bikini line and behind. 
  • Zesty- caused by bacteria like Lactobacilli (good and protective bacteria) often found in fermented foods like yogurt. As long as the smell isn't totally overpowering you have no need for concern.
  • Bleachy- caused by bacterial vaginosis or chemicals from condoms and lubes. If you have just had sex the odor should clear within a couple hours. However, if you did not just have sex then its a big indication you may have bacterial vaginosis which is an overgrowth of not so good bacterial; its very common and easy to clear up with antibiotics from your health provider.
  • Spicy or pungent- caused by strong foods like red meat, garlic, onions, turmeric, curry, brussel sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, vinegar, blue cheese, seafood, amongst others. 
  • Metal- caused by blood, usually from your cycle. The iron in your menstrual blood gives off a coppery scent and its more noticeable if you wear pads and less noticeable if you wear tampons or menstrual cups. However, if you do have a metal odor and you are not on your cycle or just finished please see a gyno to ensure you do not have abnormal internal vaginal bleeding. 

Here are a few smell variations that are not so healthy