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What's the Charge?

What's the charge; the discharge that is!? 

Having a discharge is a very normal thing if you have a vagina; a normal and healthy discharge is typically thin and odorless and clear to milky or white in color.  This is actually your body's way of keeping the vaginal canal clean. But just incase your discharge looks a little different, I have listed some possibilities and if it is a cause for concern.


Types of Discharge:

  • Clear - you are probably turned on or ovulating. no need for concern
  • White/ off white- your vagina is self cleaning. no need for concern
  • Gray- Bacterial vaginosis. Cause for concern, please see a healthcare provider
  • Pink to red- you are spotting, on your period, just had sex. Most likely no need for concern but keep an eye out
  • Light to dark brown- your period just ended no need for concern but if not then def see your doctor
  • Green- trichomoniasis, gonorrhea, and/or chlamydia or other std. Cause for concern please see a healthcare provider
  • Chunky- yeast infection, cause for concern please see healthcare provider